Don’t fret! We only moved!

Hello! As many of you may have noticed, we are no longer in the Kitsap Mall, and our Silverdale phone number is disconnected. This is because we finally made the move to Bremerton that we have been anticipating for the last couple months! Our new phone number is 360.373.0388! We have moved out shop to: 523 4th Street Bremerton, WA 98733 Stay tuned for new hours, a whole new store, … Continue reading

T-Shirt Tuesday Super Haul


It’s been a very busy couple weeks here in the Dukeisphere, and we’re sorry to say that we had to put off some of our favorite projects just to get our orders out on time. (Yes, a second press is on our Christmas-Hold-Santa-Captive-Demands List.) To make up for it, we are dumping a mega haul on you. Queue music. First on our platter we have five, count em’ FIVE, different … Continue reading

T-Shirt Tuesday – Valholl Merch


We have good news and more good news. This week we are completely slammed with orders. Which is awesome for our shop, but limits our time for printing awesome original designs for you guys. We thought, how can we turn this into a win/win for us and our customers? Because now that T-shirt Tuesday is a tradition, we want to keep the ball rolling. So, why not give you guys … Continue reading