About Fingers Duke

Fingers Duke is more than your average, everyday t-shirt company. We are a full service graphic design and screen printing studio comprised of dedicated artists, creatives, and craftsmen. We are committed to serving our neighbors and community with top quality logos & marketing materials and fast turnaround on super bitchin’ screen printed t-shirts and apparel.

Founded in Bremerton, Washington in the fall of 2010, Fingers Duke has been working hard to meet the needs of both up-and-coming entrepreneurs and established local businesses, as well as artists, musicians, teams and non-profits. We offer creative and affordable solutions to visual identities, merchandise, and marketing materials, to help elevate our clients to the next level.

Our business is your business, and we strive to be a partner towards your success. One of our founding goals, is that when you work with us, you are ordering more than some t-shirts with your logo slapped on them. We will apply our years of experience and research to find the best options in both materials and technique to get as much of the best product possible within your budget. Then we will mix, remix, and remix if necessary to color match, test print, and put our best foot forward to deliver superior printing on some of the best shirts available. This mindset and work ethic of getting it right and meeting your goals extends to everything that we do.

TLDR: We is hard working bitches.

A little bit of Fingers Duke history

We started in a basement in Bremerton, attached to a small out-of-the-way art gallery. For a while, that was good, and we had some fun, but we needed more work to pay the bills. We boldly moved out of the basement and into the Silverdale Mall. That was OK for a minute (two years) but got pretty tiring and soul-sucking pretty fast. We bailed on the mall to move back to Bremerton seeking a community we could contribute to and the freedom to expand our awesomeness as we saw fit. (Also, we wanted to be able to set our own hours and be closed on weekends, cuz mall hours suck.)

Over the years, we have continue to grow to both meet our goals of living large, as well as better meet our clients ever growing needs. We have added an automatic press, but still grind away on two manual presses as well. Our design department has grown to include several members offering a variety of styles and talents. We have mastered water based and discharge printing, to offer softer, more comfortable shirts. We offer a variety of other services through varies partnership we have made over the years, including embroidery, hats and web services. We even picked up a mobile screen printing setup for printing live at events and festivals.

In addition to offering kick ass design and screen printing services, we have also created our own line of t-shirts and what-not featuring designs by local artists from around the Pacific North West, including ourselves. Check out our sweet swag HERE.

Fingers Duke is independently owned and operated by both locals and transplants to Kitsap that have a hard time imagining living anywhere else. We share a desire to work hard, produce our best, and give back to the communities and businesses that we owe our success. Drop us a line or stop by the shop and say hi!

The Fingers Duke Team

Derek Gress
Shop Boss

Derek is the shop boss and a super cool dude. He is very smart and definitely a trekkie and if you don’t think Mad Max was excellent you can just get out of his face. He has two tiny cute dogs that are better than most tiny cute dogs.

Sam Enlow
Designer Extraordinaire

Sam is awesome and also not afraid to tell you that papyrus sucks! She loves cats, Titanic, and you can win her goodwill by bringing offerings of london fogs, beer, or tacos. And seriously, don’t make her use papyrus. Ever.

Printin’ Machine

Rufus is a super cool dude who has a super cool dog named Eddie. You can find him and his beard doing super cool stuff in his off-time. We’re not sure what he does exactly, but it’s super cool. (Rufus is not to be confused with the automatic press, which is a literal printing machine.)

Print Master

Gabe is a detail-oriented curmudgeon who will make your screen prints look bitchin’. Just don’t force him to interact with other humans that are not us. He doesn’t like that. Actually, he doesn’t like us most days either. It’s not personal.

Jessica Jette
Production Designer

Jessica is a professional cool shit maker, and the fastest vector slinger in the west! She loves her family, denim jackets, and a good game of Jenga. When she’s not at Fingers Duke you can find her scouring local thrift stores for hidden gems or naked baby oil wrestling on Thurdays.

Printing Beanstalk

Mikus! He’s tall like a ficus! (it rhymes okay) Don’t forget to water Mikus twice a day or he will wilt to half his size (you know, normal people size). Not only is Mikus a screen printer, he also swings about a bass guitar like the eccentric madman he is. Mikus likes kittens, rice and beans, and majestic sunsets.


Chuck “Chuckles” is an inventory warrior and assists with all the little things that are crucial to making the shop run smoothly. She’s wicked fast at screen cleaning and folding muthafuckin shirts. When she’s not at FD you can find Chuck on the Play Station Network trollin n00bz.