Fingers Duke has been offering creative, professional screen printing solutions since 2010. Printing is more than our job, it is our passion. We work hard to ensure that you receive a great quality shirt with a crisp, clean print that will wear and wash well. Our dedication to our craft ensures that you, your team, and your customers will actually want to rock your tees for years to come.


We can tackle a wide variety of different print jobs. Whether you are looking for a small run of shirts for your team or startup, or a large order for an event or retail line, we’ve got you covered. We have a huge catalog of blank apparel to choose from, multiple inks and techniques at our disposal, and more than a few tricks up our sleeves to get you just what you are looking for. Also, do not hesitate to hit us up regarding specialty printing projects: we can print more than just t-shirts and hoodies!


To date, we have printed shirts, hoodies, jackets, windbreakers, bandanas, masks, hats, beanies, socks, koozies, sashes, posters, cards, boxes, taphandles, signs, and guitar cases. We even printed a bass guitar once, but we would not recommend it.

We regularly screen print on most apparel fabrics and materials no problem. We can also print paper, cardboard and unfinished wood with ease as long as it is flat and smooth. 


We have wholesale access to a wide variety of popular brands. Don’t worry about providing the blanks, we got you! Below is a short list of what we can offer! Don't see your preferred brand? Let us know and we will confirm if we can get it!   

  • Allmade
  • American Apparel
  • Bella+Canvas
  • Champion
  • Comfort Colors
  • District
  • Gildan, Hanes, Jerzees
  • Next Level Apparel
  • Port & Company & Port Authority 
  • Sport Tek 
  • and more! 


We have multiple options to help achieve your goals. Let us know what you have in mind and we will help you pick the best ink for your order.

Standard Plastisol Ink

Plastisol ink is the standard and has been one of the most commonly used inks in the industry for several decades. Plastisol is opaque and vibrant, making it the best option to make bright colors really pop off of dark fabrics. It is the easiest ink for color matching and has a long shelf life, making it the cheapest option we offer. However, plastisol is thicker and sits on the surface of the fabric, resulting in a heavier, textured feel which can be more prone to wear and tear. 

Soft Hand Plastisol Ink

Still plastisol, but now with more comfort! By thinning out plastisol ink with a soft hand reducer, we can make the standard plastisol ink lighter, softer, and overall more attractive for those looking for a fashion feel on a budget. Because the ink is thinner, we can also print your design through a higher mesh screen, leaving a thinner deposit on the fabric. A downside of reducing plastisol ink can be diminished opacity on darker fabrics causing more muted colors.

Water Based Ink

Printing with water based ink is quickly becoming the more popular solution for a lighter, more fashion forward, soft hand feel. Water based inks can print so soft that often you will not be able to feel the difference between the print and the shirt. Due to the low viscosity of water based inks, they are not as opaque as plastisol, and will print quite a bit duller on dark fabrics. Typically we recommended printing darker inks on lighter fabrics and using a discharge additive for achieving brighter colors on dark fabrics.

Water Based Discharge

To combat the failings of water based inks on darker fabrics, we mix up a special water based discharge ink. Once activated, discharge has a bleaching effect on fabric. By itself, the discharge will strip most of the dye from the shirt leaving a natural tinted print. When mixed with water based pigments, this process will also re-dye the fabric resulting in a brighter, more vibrant print on darker shirts than water based can achieve on its own. Due to the chemical reaction involved, this process works best on 100% cotton, but can also turn out great on some blends.

Specialty Inks

In addition to our standard inks, we can print with a selection of specialty inks to achieve a variety of special effects. We can print with an assortment of metallic inks, glitter inks, reflective inks, high visibility inks, and glow-in-the-dark inks. Due to the specialty nature of these inks and effects, there may be limitations to what we can achieve and additional costs will apply. Please reach out to us for a consultation on your project.


We have a great team of in-house designers as well as some fantastic freelance artists and illustrators to help make sure that your custom items are just that, custom. Ask us about how we can help turn your idea into a reality with personalized graphic design and art for your screen printed order.


Awesome! The link below will take you to our artwork checklist to ensure you send us the correct files.


Hit us with your ideas! We are all hands on deck to make it happen. Already have some artwork that isn’t quite ready for print? We got you!


Let your brand shine with some finishing touches. We offer custom printed size tags, retail hang tags, and folding + bagging, so your shirts will be ready for fulfillment and distribution. These will usually add a little bit to cost and turnaround, but we will make it worth it.