About Us

Fingers Duke is more than your average design company, we are a collection of creative personalities working together to make awesome art. We utilize our diverse selection of talented professional artists, designers, and illustrators to provide cutting edge solutions for our clients.

We believe the design process is a collaboration that fuses our creative strengths and experience with our client’s in-depth understanding of their business and industry. We use that fusion to create a lasting partnership, fostering design that puts function and usability first.

A little bit of Fingers Duke history

In the dog days of summer, 2010, Derek Gress responded to a call from a local business owner in Bremerton, WA in regards to the possibility of working in a new screen printing shop. Upon arrival at the scene, Derek was surprised to find a fellow graduate from Northwest College of Art and Design, Joe Towey, had also been summoned.

The local man explained that he had recently invested in a shop full of screen printing equipment, and was looking for some young talent to make something of it. Instantly there was lightning in the eyes of Joe and Derek, and after several hours of swapping ideas and brainstorming possible names, Fingers Duke was born in the heart of downtown Bremerton.

It was tough at first, as neither of our young heroes had much experience organizing and running a business, but with much persistence and continued awesomeness, (and the slaying of many a zombie horde) Fingers Duke has become a force to be reckoned with.

The Fingers Duke Team

Here’s a selection of the FD team posing with things they love (aka beer).


Shop Boss

Derek is the shop boss and a super cool dude. He is very smart and definitely a trekkie and if you don’t think Mad Max was excellent you can just get out of his face. He has two tiny cute dogs that are better than most tiny cute dogs.


Designer Extraordinaire

Sam is a bad bitch and is not afraid to tell you that papyrus sucks! She loves cats and you can win her goodwill by bringing offerings of coffee (americanos to be specific), beer, or tacos. And seriously, don’t make her use papyrus.


Print Master

Gabe is a detail-oriented curmudgeon who will make your screen prints look bitchin’. Just don’t force him to interact with other humans that are not us. He doesn’t like that. Actually, he doesn’t like us most days either. It’s not personal.


Web Wrangler

Nicole is an internet badass and can make you also seem like an internet badass. She loves camping and reading so much her eyes may fall out. You can win her goodwill by bringing offerings of vanilla lattes, wine, or nice vodka.


Printin’ Machine

Rufus is a super cool dude who has a super cool dog named Eddie. You can find him and his beard doing super cool stuff in his off-time. We’re not sure what he does exactly, but it’s super cool.


Social Media Maven

Maryssa is short, cheeky, and kicks ass at instagram tags. Yes, she’s just as appalled by her puns as you are. When she’s not at Fingers Duke you can find her teaching her dog Bandit the ways of the Force.


Cat Herder

Adrianna is a boss ass bitch who slays at paperwork and all the other things us artsy folk suck at. When Adrianna is not here crackin’ the whip she can be found drinking whiskey, cuddling cats, and grabbing life by the tits.


Entry Level Graphic Designer

Fingers Duke is hiring a cool shit maker! If you would like to apply to be our newest designer please go to fingersduke.com/apply and fill in the stuff. Keep in mind we might call you peon for a while and make you cut paper. Thems the breaks!


Task Warrior

Chuck “Chuckles” is a wizard at inventory and assisting with all the little things that make the shop run smoothly. She’s wicked fast at screen cleaning and folding muthafuckin shirts. When she’s not at FD you can find Chuck on the Play Station Network trollin n00bz.


Fingers Duke Part-Timers

Fingers Duke has a smattering of part-timers who keep us running at top speed. We wouldn’t be the same without our part-time screen printer Dustin, screen washer Boo, and all the artists who contribute to our retail line.